Torpedo swims again

The wetsuit-wearing Torpedo has seen better days.
The wetsuit-wearing Torpedo has seen better days.

Of my collection, Torpedo is one of the oldest. As a result, he’s also one of the action figures I’ve had that’s probably been broken the longest.

Torpedo always had a unique flaw. You’ll notice that there’s a hole in his gut. That wasn’t something I did, he came out of the packaging that way. It looks like its was punctured and melted a bit. Or perhaps when the plastic mold was made something got into it to cause the hole. Either way, it’s a distinctive error.

His accessories included grey flippers, an air tank backpack and a harpoon gun. Sadly, I no longer have any of those things. This really disappointed me, because I could remember having kept them for the longest time.

You can see what those items look like here.

Torpedo's back together again.
Torpedo’s back together again.
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