Getting started rebuilding my G.I. Joes

My assortment of unassembled G.I. Joe action figures
My assortment of unassembled G.I. Joe action figures

I recently cleared out the last of my stuff from my parents home. Hadn’t quite realized I’d left so many things behind in a place I haven’t lived in more than a dozen years.

One of the things I left behind were my old G.I. Joe action figures. I loved those things. Played with them all the time as a kid. And now they look like it. The figures are worn down, the details faded, their body parts all separated. The rubber bands that once held them together are dried, brittle and broken.

As a result, I’ve been left with a bag full of torsos, waists and legs just living free. Disconnected.

So I’ve decided to put them all back together again.

But I’m aiming to do it right. According to what I’ve found online, Hasbro didn’t actually use rubber bands to keep those classic figures together. Instead they used plumbing o-rings, readily available at your local hardware store.

I headed down to my local Home Depot and found a few. Then, armed with my trusty and small Philips-head screwdriver, I’ve started putting together my first few figures.

My screwdriver and the plumber's o-ring I got from Home Depot.
My screwdriver and the plumber’s o-ring I purchased from Home Depot.
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  1. you can buy them on ebay also if you ever not have any. i enjoyed the blogs

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