UPDATE: Mutt and Junkyard reunited… with a few accessories, too

Mutt and Junkyard
Mutt and Junkyard

Mutt and Junkyard are together again.

Back in 2014, I posted a short item featuring Mutt. It was just his torso and his legs.

Junkyard had gone missing. He’s a odd one, that Rottweiler. He’s floated around for years. I’d find him in random places, tucked away in a box or somewhere in a sock drawer. Never quite understood why or how that would happen.

Junkyard, Mutt's trusty Rottweiler sidekick.
Junkyard, Mutt’s trusty Rottweiler sidekick.

Most recently, he was found in a box with random odds and ends. I’m presuming he was thrown in there during our last move three years ago.

Every time I find him, I tell myself, set him aside or he’ll go missing again. Of course, I generally forget to do that, and naturally he vanishes.

This last time, however, I finally got wise. He’s been packed neatly away with Mutt broke body ever since.

It’s only take me about five years to actually post this update on the site.

Mutt's mask and his submachine gun.
Mutt’s mask and his submachine gun.

In addition to reuniting Junkyard with Mutt, I have managed to pick up a few accessories. I have Mutt’s mask, and his gun. Unfortunately, I don’t quite remember where I got them from. Generally I note the collection from which I get certain items. But I didn’t in this case.

Either way, he’s further along than he was when I first highlighted him.

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