UPDATE: Ripper has gotten accessorized… mostly

Ripper's power jaws and backpack. No hose, I'm afraid.
Ripper’s power jaws and backpack. No hose, I’m afraid.

Ripper’s nearly there.

This is one of those characters I got through purchases. And he’s a little closer to being complete.

Unfortunately I didn’t mark down where the backpack and power jaws came from. Likely just mixed in with some eBay buy frenzy. I’ve actually got two packs.

Keeping an eye out for the rifle.

UPDATE: Mutt and Junkyard reunited… with a few accessories, too

Mutt and Junkyard
Mutt and Junkyard

Mutt and Junkyard are together again.

Back in 2014, I posted a short item featuring Mutt. It was just his torso and his legs.

Junkyard had gone missing. He’s a odd one, that Rottweiler. He’s floated around for years. I’d find him in random places, tucked away in a box or somewhere in a sock drawer. Never quite understood why or how that would happen.

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Barbecue is cooking with gas with his new axe

Barbecue is on fire.

Barbecue is on fire.

Some G.I. Joe figures are more challenging to reassemble than others. A few have small parts or accessories that are often the first things to vanish when you first get them.

Barbecue was one such figure. An early favorite of mine, I played with this particular character a lot. He was one of the early, more unique looking Joe figures I can remember owning. I loved him because of the axe. It was just cool.

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