Barbecue is cooking with gas with his new axe

Barbecue is on fire.
Barbecue is on fire.

Some G.I. Joe figures are more challenging to reassemble than others. A few have small parts or accessories that are often the first things to vanish when you first get them.

Barbecue was one such figure. An early favorite of mine, I played with this particular character a lot. He was one of the early, more unique looking Joe figures I can remember owning. I loved him because of the axe. It was just cool.

I couldn’t tell you when his pieces vanished.

Several backpack's I obtained were actually broken, until I got this one.
Several backpack’s I obtained were actually broken, until I got this one.

Over the years, only the torso and legs remained form my original G.I. Joe action figure. The backpack, hose, nozzle and axe were long ago lost.

I’d made some attempts to rebuild him in a few purchases I’ve made in the past year. I got two new backpacks in a mixed bag of accessories, although both turned out to be broken. The top portion of the great part of the backpack was snapped off. I hadn’t noticed this right away.

I tried a few times through eBay to get the axe, but they were part of lots that I either didn’t win or just got too expensive for me to purchase.

Barbecue's axe was not easy to obtain.
Barbecue’s axe was not easy to obtain.

Then my friend send me a mysterious package. I noted this in a recent video. The box was full of items, including a new backpack, a hose and… the axe. A lovely, in great condition axe.

At this point, my Barbecue is just one piece away from completion. Only missing that small grey nozzle.

For now, however, I’m happy to have gotten this far.

Barbecue back in action.
Barbecue back in action.
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