Destro’s Iron Grenadier keeps it all together

Destrio's elite Iron Grenadier is armed (and legged) and ready to go.
Destrio’s elite Iron Grenadier is armed (and legged) and ready to go.

This guy didn’t let the years break him down.

This is one of two of these guys I actually still have. They’ve kept in pretty good shape, but I think this may have a lot to do with the fact that I didn’t really play with them very much. Not that I didn’t like them or anything, just that I got them around the end of my collecting years, so it just didn’t get the same wear-and-tear as previous figures.

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Psyche-Out holds on to his tiny antenna

Psyche-Out keeps it together.
Psyche-Out keeps it together.

Sure, it’s not one of the more grounded characters, but at least he’s held on to his parts.

In all honesty, I have no idea why I ever got Psyche-Out. He’s a bridge character. An early sign of the silly direction G.I. Joe was going in as it approached the 1990s. I rarely played with him.

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Serpentor demands to know: ‘Where are my accessories, worm!’

Serpentor says, 'Hello.'
Serpentor says, ‘Hello.’

Not all of my figures have fallen to pieces.

The hand-crafted leader of Cobra managed to avoid the fate of many of my other G.I. Joe figures and has kept himself in one piece over the last 30 years.

The egotistical Serpentor was never a character I particularly cared for. He always had a bloated sense of self importance. Sure, Cobra Commander had the same failing, but there was something comical about it. Serpentor, on the other hand, took himself too seriously. Like a spoiled child whose folks told him he was special until he believed it religiously.

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