UPDATE: Ripper has gotten accessorized… mostly

Ripper's power jaws and backpack. No hose, I'm afraid.
Ripper’s power jaws and backpack. No hose, I’m afraid.

Ripper’s nearly there.

This is one of those characters I got through purchases. And he’s a little closer to being complete.

Unfortunately I didn’t mark down where the backpack and power jaws came from. Likely just mixed in with some eBay buy frenzy. I’ve actually got two packs.

Keeping an eye out for the rifle.

‘G.I. Joe: Strike’ is a fun bit of Snake Eyes action on your phone

'G.I. Joe: Strike' is an action game with a lot of kick.

‘G.I. Joe: Strike’ is an action game with a lot of kick.

*UPDATE* This game is apparently no longer available. That’s too bad.

I was just browsing through the app store on my Android phone when I decided to search ‘g.i. joe’.

I was a little surprised when I came across the one and only G.I. Joe game in the app store. G.I. Joe: Strike, from Backflip Studios, is a thumb-tapping action game. You take on a barrage of red-garbed ninja as they attack you from the left and right in this 2D scroller.

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