Raptor reborn… mostly

Cobra operative, Raptor, is all in pieces.
Cobra operative, Raptor, is all in pieces.

The choice of Raptor as my first project was a bit of an odd-duck choice.

By the late 1980s, G.I. Joe characters started to get a little silly – a fact highlighted by this bizarre baddie, an accountant-turned-falconer who worked for Cobra in their neverending war with the Joes.

He ended up being my first reassembly not because I have any particular affection for the ridiculous character, but simply because I found his legs and waist almost immediately.

Raptor's torso taken apart.
Raptor’s torso taken apart.

Overall he’s in fairly good condition. Very little wear-and-tear. This is likely due to the fact that I rarely played with him.

Sadly, his fabric ‘wings’ and falcon have long since vanished (Click here to see him with all his accoutrements).

There was no trace of his original rubber band. Getting him split open was fairly easy, as was snapping him back together.

Raptor is back together again.
Raptor is back together again.
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  1. a few years ago i saw a boxed newer gi joe at a flea market it was a bat so i bought it because those look cool in almost any year. so i asked if they had anymore. one worker said yah i got a bunch in that box over there i bought a whole bunch as a kid and then never played with them. there was a ton of loose mint gi joes in there. unfortunately i was doing awfull with money at that time. the guy said name your price because i dunno how much there worth. i said ill give you 5 bucks for each and he said ok take whatever ones you want. so badly i wish i could of bought every single one he had. i ended up with red dog, raptor and cobra commander the silver version. i still have them mint and luckily the orings havent even budged

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