Wet-Suit gets back into the water, but equipment is shot

This broken G.I. Joe isn't doing so good.
This broken G.I. Joe isn’t doing so good.

This underwater Joe is back in one piece, but his one remaining bit of gear has seen better days.

Wet-Suit was one figure that I believe was more my brother’s than mine. Based on his condition, he didn’t get a lot of playtime.

However, his leg screws were down right rusty. I do believe he spent a fair amount of time under water.

Rusty leg screws tainted Wet-Suit's appearance.
Rusty leg screws tainted Wet-Suit’s appearance.

A little time in a vinegar bath fixed that right up.

Wet-Suit included quite a few accessories, including a breathing mask, flashlight, flippers, a backpack and a sled. I don’t have most of those things any longer, I’m afraid.

What I do still have is his sled. Sadly, it’s a bit busted. One of the fins has been bent. Will likely take some time, but I’ll get it replaced and his other items sorted.

Wet-Suit stands tall once again.
Wet-Suit stands tall once again.
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