Monkeywrench means business as he gets rebuilt

Monkeywrench is nothing but a torso.
Monkeywrench is nothing but a torso.

Hello, hello, hello! Zartan’s big bang henchman is back.

The bad tempered explosives expert that was one of the Dreadnoks was definitely one of my favorites for a lot of years. The wear-and-tear on the figure is testament to that.

Sadly his harpoon gun is long gone.

Monkeywrench's replacement parts.
Monkeywrench’s replacement parts.

So were his legs and waist. I was able to obtain them to a shrewed purchase as part of a larger collection of bits and pieces a few weeks ago. They are actually in pretty good condition. Barely a scratch or mark on them.

It was nice seeing him in one piece again.

Monkeywrench stands tall.
Monkeywrench stands tall.
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